Introduction of Hazza:
Hazza Institute of Technology (“HIT”) is a Public-Private-Partnership Project with the Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training, Government of Pakistan for the provision of Technical & Professional Training, Skills Development, Career Counselling and Job Placement to the citizens of Pakistan to enable them to earn their livelihoods and alleviate poverty in Pakistan.

HIT has been part of all significant national-level skills upgradation initiatives of youth development for over five years. In this time, we’ve graduated 10,000+ students who have become Professionals Developers, Cyber Security experts, Digital marketers, Game developers & Modelers & even Solution Architects.

Hazza Institute of Technology has offered a unique program SEEDS (Study to Embrace Employable Digital Skills) for the youth of Pakistan. The program focuses on developing the employable skills of the youth in the digital sector. It provides them with the opportunity to learn the latest digital skills and technologies and gain hands on experience. The program is designed to help students become job-ready and equip them with the necessary skills to explore career opportunities in the relevant field.

What is SEEDS?
SEEDS is a student-centric program that facilitates students to pay for the course according to their own financial viability. “SEEDS” is one of its own kind of programs that not only prepares you for the latest IT – Skills but also guarantees the job after course completion. The program ensures that you get the best education at an affordable cost. It also helps you in finding the right job according to your skills. This program helps in bridging the gap between the industry and the students. With the help of this program, a student can learn the latest technologies and can also get a job after completing the course.

Courses Offered:
These are the following courses being offered in SEEDS program: MERN Stack, Cloud Computing, Mobile App Development, Game Development & Cyber Security.

SEEDS Program has some unique features, like Job Security for successful candidates, Professional Trainers with Industry Experience, free international certification, and offering viable financial assistance plan.